I T F House & Techno Darren Burgos Music & Sound

House Techno & Trance

In the 90's house was in the clubs, and techno was in the warehouse. Living in LA I frequented both. The good stuff can repeat a single bar of music for the entire song and still feel right. Detuned synthesizer house chords, analog drum machines, deep bass lines, and slinky grooves.

Metallic Skin
(Psychoid) Darren Burgos

Darren Burgos

Concrete Vestite
Darren Burgos

Rip it Down
Darren Burgos
I'm Vanjie (Instrumental)
Vanessa Vanjie Mateo

We Are All Connected
Darren Burgos

Darren Burgos

Manic Organic
Darren Burgos & Greg Kaplowitz