I T F Mixing & Mastering Darren Burgos Music & Sound
Sound Great Everywhere...
In the club, car or earbuds, your tracks will sound amazing wherever they're played. Accurate low frequency monitoring, the latest in pure digital software tools, unmatched creative detail, stereo imaging, and a trained ear for pristine sound quality, are just some of the reasons why you need to send your tracks here. Whether you need a mix, master or both, we'll take your creations to the highest level of sound quality and loudness.

You're a Producer/Composer, not an Engineer
Focus on producing, writing, arranging, or remixing your tracks, then send them here for finishing. If you’re creating for a self release, composing tracks for TV/film/game music, or you’re an independent dance label looking for the best sound possible, look nowhere else. Simply upload your stems and leave the rest to us.
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Native Logic Pro Mixing or From Audio Stems
If you work in Logic Pro, upload the Project file that can be worked on natively. For third party plug-in compatibility, check the list here.

Learn to Mix and Master
I teach Logic Classes that include mixing and mastering for Garnish Music School here in Los Angeles, and through my own private Logic Pro training site Logic Pro Expert.com.