I T F Examples Darren Burgos Music & Sound
Below are many examples of the work I do. These should be heard through phones or through your studio monitors. All of the audio examples are 44.1 16 bit WAV files, or high quality MP3. Give them time to load, many of these are large files. Check back regularly since I'll be posting new content when given permission by the artist.

The text area to the right (below on some mobile) of each sample shows the service(s) I performed, details info about the artists, and links to further check them out.

Genre: EDM/Pop
Artist/Song: Bleam - Can't Let Go
Service: Mixed/Mastered/Production Help
Web/Contact: https://soundcloud.com/bleamofficial
Genre: Hip Hop
Artist/Song: JKAintPlayin - September
Service: Mixed/Mastered/Production Help
Web/Contact: https://soundcloud.com/jkaintplayin

Genre: Rock/Pop/EDM
Artist/Song: SunTrippers - Locomotive (Instrumental)
Service: Mixed/Mastered/Production
Web/Contact: https://soundcloud.com/jkaintplayin
Song was licensed to BMW and Lowes
Genre: Pop/Synth Pop
Artist/Song: Lost in Stars - Sky
Service: Mixed/Mastered/Production Help
Web/Contact: Newest Release
Genre: Dance/EDM
Artist/Song: Mary Wilson Time to Move On (Jared Jones Remix)
Service: Mixed/Mastered
Web/Contact: https://soundcloud.com/jaredjonesofficial