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An Ear for perfection - Loudness without artifact or clipping - Low frequency specialist - Perfect clarity - Stereo separation - Creative use of effects - Electronic and Dance focused

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With any good design, everything should be in place, and perfectly complement the other elements. This is my goal when mixing a track. From the deepest lows, to the highest highs, everything counts toward making a great mix. I’m a dance music producer too, so I never lose track of the musical vision. Working with amazing material from the start can really help, so I’m not afraid to share my opinion about a certain element, yet I know when to step back to assure your musical vision is realized.

Native Logic Pro mixing means that the songs you create, can be mixed directly in the project itself. With the vast collection of third party plug-ins I own, you can be assured that whatever effect or synth plug-ins you use, I'll most likely have. Those I don't, can be simply bounced down and sent as stems. Projects created in Ableton Live can also be sent to me directly (I'll create the stems for you). Pro Tools, DP, Cubase and others can be bounced out as individual tracks (stems).

Production Level Mix/Mastering
In addition to basic mixing and mastering, I also offer a “Production Mix/Mastering” service. Need a sound totally replaced? Need arrangement help, sweeps, drum replacement, stutters, or even drops and builds? Then a Production level mix/master is what you’re looking for. We’ll do a phone consultation about the track, nail down what needs to be done, and figure out where the track could be perfected even further. See the pricing page for details.

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Wether your tracks are being mastering for CD, digital distribution, Mastered for iTunes, or SoundCloud, they'll sound amazing wherever they're played. With unlimited Linear Phase Equalization bands, compressors modeled off of real world gear, high quality tube emulations, top notch monitoring and an ear for pristine sound quality, your tracks will groove like you know they should. Custom equalization curves on each track, stacked multi-band compression (for independent frequency containment), limiting done with style and taste.
Outboard gear is becoming... outdated. With plug-ins from various developers like Solid State Logic, Waves, FabFilter, Plugin Alliance, Korg, Apple & others, in the box mixing/mastering is not only more affordable, it’s blurring the line between what can be done with software alone.

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I use a pair of Adam S3X-H speakers for monitoring which some consider the pinnacle of sound reproduction. I A/B with my trusty Mackie HR-824's and a set of Avantone MixCubes.