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Site of composer, writer, producer, mixer and mastering engineer Darren Burgos. Each link is a site unto itself with many audio examples, and info of the various services offered. Please click the links above, and thank-you for visiting.
Composer / Producer
I've been producing electronic music for over 30 years. Since a very young age, electronic music was my passion and continues into today. Musically educated, and focusing mainly on modern computer technologies, I create electronic songs, compositions, productions, and remixes for independent release on my label QuantumNoise Records, for clients, and for TV and film placement. Sound design is another skill of mine, so It's common of me to create all the sounds used in my productions will the multitude of physical and virtual synthesizer in my collection. Different and interesting chord progressions, scales, and key changes are constant in most everything I do, even when producing EDM, Pop, Synth Wave, Synth Pop, House, Hip Hop, Trap, Techno, and Trance. Whatever the genre, I try to musically elevate whatever I create. If you're a publisher, singer/song writer looking for production, or an artist looking for songs, please contact me directly.

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Mixing & Mastering Engineer
Since multitrack recording at 10 years old, I've always been interested in mixing and recording sound. I bought my first mixer at 16, and my lifelong journey of mixing began. My goal when mixing is to preserve a song's original intention, but present it in the best possible way, while adding clarity, movement, stereo separation, and tight deep lows. Whatever it takes to help make the song sound great, I'll do. Send me your "stems" (separated elements) and I'll do a standard mix, or what I call a "production mix" if elements need to be added like synth and acoustic element parts, I'll create them. If you're a Logic Pro user, you can even directly send the Logic Project file instead of stems.

Apple Certified Logic Pro Trainer
You might be looking for my Logic Pro Expert training site. Click here to be re-directed.