I T F About Darren Burgos Music & Sound
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Darren Burgos

I’ve been making, mixing and mastering electronic music for over 20 years

I’m obsessed with sound quality, and will not stop till you (and I) are absolutely satisfied with the result. It is common for me to be in close contact with my clients while I’m working on their music.

When I produce, I'm always tweaking sounds as I go because I love sound as much as I love music. I’m drawn to low frequencies and I have a precise sense of pitch. I’ll play with a bass’ overtones and harmonics to create warmth and tightness, while making the mid tones tight and the highs clear and contained. I’m a musician at heart like all of you! Some of you know me as the Psychedelic Trance producer Psychoid, but I love and create many types of music. I’m inspired by music that’s proud to be called electronic, and tunes that are filled with genuine emotion. Click the music tab above and check out some of the stuff I make personally.

I’ve just started posting on Twitter about Logic Pro Expert, My Logic Blog, and about Vectorsound, so click here, or on any of the social links above, if you’d like to keep in touch with what I’m doing.